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Random Legacy Challenge: Nraas Careers Edition

The Random Legacy Challenge is a variation of the classic “Legacy Challenge” by Pinstar. The agreed-upon rules can be found here: and discussed here:

I’m getting ready to start a legacy challenge and thought I’d try to adapt the Random Legacy Challenge to include all the additional options offered by mods from twallen, mod maker extraordinaire, which can be found here: Nraas Industries

I won’t repost the entire Random Legacy Challenge rules, but just the areas that I think can be improved by incorporating elements of choice introduced with mods like the ‘Careers’ mod (Note the mod requires two parts, the Careers Mod itself, and the Careers Modules). The primary focus here is on section C, the random choosing of major careers for your legacy sims. All bolded parts are what I’ve added to the original quoted tables to make this compatible with Nraas Careers modules. Use something like to do the rolling for you. I’ll make up a customized roller someday as I’ll hate to keep checking tables and choosing odd numbers to roll by hand…

C. Primary Income (Roll between 1 and 20)
1-10) Standard Career – Roll on chart C1 to determine which.
11-14) Non-Standard Career – Roll on chart C2 to determine which. If you have ambitions, you may join the jobs offered through the town hall(such as painter, sculptor, writer, etc).
15-18) Ambitions Job – Roll on chart C3 to determine which. If you don’t have the ambitions expansion, re-roll for this section.

19) Part-time Job – Roll on chart C4.
20) Job Hopper – Must play a sequence of careers in order, playing each career until you reach level 5(careers or professions), or for a week in sim-time(part time and non-standard careers). Roll ten times for the different careers, and play them in the order you rolled them.

Roll! (d20)

Tables C1-C4:

C1. Standard Career List (Roll between 1 and 17)

1) Business
2) Criminal (Thief)
3) Criminal (Evil)
4) Culinary
5) Journalism
6) Law Enforcement (Forensics)
7) Law Enforcement (Super Spy)
8) Education
9) Military
10) Music (Classical)
11) Music (Rock Star)
12) Political
13) Professional Sports
14) Science
15) Movies (Film Star)
16) Movies (Director)

17) “The Family” (Mafia)


C2. Non-Standard Career List (Roll between 1 and 16)

1) Collecting – Collect objects such as bugs, rocks and gems, and sell them to earn money. Alchemy and smelting/gem cutting is allowed. **
2) Farmer – Grow and sell your own produce. Nectar Making is considered part of farming, if you have world adventures.
3) Fishersim – Sell what you can fish up.
4) Author – Write books and live off of royalties.
5) Artist – Paint or sculpt(or both!) and sell the finished products.
6) Inventor – Sell the fruits of your workbench. Re-roll if you don’t have ambitions.
7) Busker – Busk with your guitar(or snakecharming basket, if you have world adventures) on community lots to earn money. Alternatively, if you have Late Night, form a Band to earn some extra cash. **
8) Freelance Photographer – Sell photos you take. Re-roll if you don’t have world adventures.
9) Adventurer – Hunt for relics in faraway lands to sell. Re-roll if you don’t have world adventures.
10) Freelance Scientist – Devoted to logic and reason, but not feeling the 9-5 laboratory grind? Spend your time searching the galaxy, solving problems over the computer, and hacking instead. **
11) Mixologist – Moonlight as a mixologist to make money

12) Professional – Woohoo for Simoleons

13) Athletic – Earn money training sims using gym equipment
14) Chess – Earn money playing chess matches
More money is garnered for opponents closer in skill, with the big money from ranked matches
15) Handiness – Earn money repairing and upgrading objects
Mop up puddles after fixing everything in the room and get a small bonus
Use the “Search For Broken Items” interaction on the computer to locate your next job
16) Martial Arts – Earn money sparring and training sims
More money is garnered for opponents closer in skill, with the big money from ranked matches
You can request a new ranked opponent using the computer

** – Note that these original RLC (Random Legacy Challenge) Non-Standard Careers are now registerable with the Nraas Careers mod.


C3. Ambitions Job List (Professions)

C3. Ambitions Job List (Roll between 1 and 6)
1) Architect
2) Firefighter
3) Ghost Hunting
4) Medical
5) Private Investigator
6) Stylist


C4. Part Time Jobs (Roll between 1 and 14)

  1. Bookstore Clerk
  2. Grocery Clerk
  3. Cemetery Worker
  4. Spa Jobs
  5. Candy Striper
  6. Cinema Clerk
  7. Delinquent
  8. Lab Gardener
  9. Paper Deliverer
  10. Patroller
  11. Peewee League
  12. R.O.T.C.
  13. School Janitor
  14. Waiter


D. Secondary Income (Roll between 1 and 20): No changes needed but use Part-Time list C4 from above.

Further changes to the challenge may be made to take advantage of twallen’s story progression or other mods. If you have any suggestions, post away!


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